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Submersible motors

Range 10"



F.B.’s 10’’ rewindable motors are studied for long-term operation in wells with diameters of 10’’ or greater.
Water-lubricated axial and radial bearings ensure a long service life and maintenance-free operation.
The motors are pre-filled with a special antifreeze fluid so that they can be stored down to -15°C.
A special membrane compensates the pressure inside the motor.
BRONZE-ALUMINIUM, AISI 316, DUPLEX, AISI 904L and SUPER DUPLEX motors are available for applications in aggressive water.

Technical Specifications

From 59kW to 190kW
Flange: 10” NEMA
Protection rating: IP68
Insulation class: Y (PVC version), F (PE2+PA version), F (HT version)
Number of starting each hour: Max. 10
Installation: vertical or horizontal
50-60 Hz voltage tolerance: -10% / +10%
Minimum cooling rate: 0,15m/s
Installation below the water level: up to 500m
Max. storage temperature: -15°C / +60°C
Motor Cable (WRAS, KTW, ACS approved) food grade 0,6 / 1kv

Product Benefits

  • Other motor flanges are available for any pump body coupling
  • Industry-leading efficiency with low operating costs
  • Sand protection: the sand-guard and silicon-carbide SIC-SIC mechanical seal protect against sand during operation
  • The cast iron motor support has been treated with cataphoresis to prevent corrosion (STANDARD version)
  • The “Michell” bi-directional thrust bearing made of a resin and graphite compound can withstand up to 80.000N
  • The rotors are balanced and ground along the whole axis
  • The stators are generously dimensioned
  • The windings are made by hand
  • Disassembly and maintenance is exceptionally simple
  • The power cable complies with drinking water regulations
  • The motors are pre-filled with clear water and propylene glycol
  • Ready for installation of a PT100 sensor


  • Special voltages
  • Special frequencies
  • Motors up to 170kW with PE2/PA double insulation for maximum temperatures of 60°C (190kW max. 50°C)
  • High-temperature motors up to 70°C
  • YΔ starting: cable outlet position
  • PT100 temperature sensor
  • Flat cable
  • Cables with different lengths up to a maximum of 50m
  • Coupling flange compliant with non-NEMA standards
  • Vertical and horizontal cooling jackets
  • 4-pole motors (1450rpm / 50Hz) (1750rpm / 60Hz)
High Temp

High-Temperature Motors: HT windings, stators and rotors: more steel and copper, Silicon carbide-silicon SIC- SIC / VITON mechanical seal, EPDM seals, Insulation class: F, Special Ecogel Plus filling fluid, Storage temperature: -48°C +75°C.

Documentation available

50Hz Motor

60Hz Motor

Dimensions and weights



Operating and maintenance manual

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