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Special solution

One of F.B.’s key strengths is the capacity to offer “SPECIAL” electropumps, suitable for hard and extreme applications with a complete range of rewindable submersible motors from 6” to 10” and pumps from 6” to 12”, available in different materials:

bronze-alluminium, stainless steel AISI 316, DUPLEX, SUPER DUPLEX and stainless steel AISI 904L.


  • sea waters
  • drinking water
  • brackish waters
  • thermal and sulphureous waters
  • desalinization and osmosis
  • aggressive and corrosive waters
  • different sectors of the industry: such as food, petrochemical, steel and shipbuilding
  • hard applications: mine

The pumps can pump clean water, suitable for wells deep up to 840 m with maximum capacity up to 8.500 l/m and rated power from 3 Hp to 260 Hp.

Special solution
Special solution

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