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Submersible pumps


5” Submersible electropumps

5” submersible electropumps, range DELFI, are suitable for water taking from reservoirs, collecting tanks, waterways, 6” wells or greater dimensions.
Thanks to the immediacy and the great simplicity of the installation, DELFI electropumps are very common in domestic use, where water supply system is needed, for any kind of employment, in particular for irrigation and gardening.



  • stainless steel AISI 304 upper support and delivery bowl
  • stainless steel AISI 304 external sleeve
  • stainless steel AISI 304 shaft
  • technopolymer impellers and diffusers
  • dye-casted aluminum bearing supports
  • double mechanical seal with intermediate lubri cation chamber
  • internal capacitor in B class for long-lasting (only single-phase versions)
  • asynchronous 2 poles motor cooled by the moved liquid
  • for single-phase pumps version with or without oat.
    It is possible to remove the float and close the hole with the specific top or it is possible to take the cap out and insert the plug of the float
  • the standard pump is provided with 10 meters cable, connection’s plug and schuko plug
  • all the cables provided are in neoprene H07RN-F type


  • maximum capacity: 140 l/m
  • maximum head: 106 m
  • installation under the water level: 50 m
  • maximum power: 1,5 Kw
  • maximum diameter: 124 mm
  • supply tolerances: +6/-10 %V
  • maximum starts/hour: 40
  • water temperature: up to 40°C
  • maximum sand content: 50 g/m3
  • index protection: IP68
  • insulation class: F


  • on demand different length of the cables can be provided (20 or 40 meters)
  • on demand cables for foodstuff use EPR type or approved by KTW, WRAS and ACS can be provided
  • tensions / various frequencies
  • on demand single-phase electropumps with external capacitor can be provided

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Operating and Maintenance Manual

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