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Submersible motors

Range 4" - 4F


Documentation available

Operating and Maintenance Manual

50Hz Motor

60Hz Motor

Dimensions and weights

Cutaway - Materials

Technical Specifications

From 0,37kW to 7,5kW
Flange: 4” NEMA
Protection rating: IP68
Insulation class: F
Number of starting each hour: Max. 35
Installation: vertical or horizontal
50-60 Hz voltage tolerance: -10% / +10%
Minimum cooling rate: 0,10m/s
Installation below the water level: up to 350m
Max. storage temperature: -15°C / +60°C
Motor Cable (WRAS, KTW, ACS approved) food grade 0,6 / 1kv

Product Benefits

  • All parts in contact with water are made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Lower and upper mounts made of cast AISI 304
  • Hermetically sealed and resin-coated stator
  • Industry-leading efficiency with low operating costs
  • Protruding shaft made of AISI 304 stainless steel up to 2.2kW. DUPLEX from 3kW up to 7.5kW
  • The “Kingsbury” bi-directional thrust bearing with stainless steel tilting pads can withstand up to 6500N
  • The power cable plug is perfectly sealed
  • The power cable complies with drinking water regulations
  • The motors are pre-filled with clear water and propylene glycol
  • Fluid top-up valve


  • Special voltages
  • Special frequencies
  • Cables with different lengths up to a maximum of 50m with plug for quick, secure connection
  • Vertical and horizontal cooling jackets
  • Capacitors



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