since 1991


F.B. is on the market of submersible electropumps for 25 years offering the customers expertise, professionalism and high-quality, reliable products. To make you saving money we have studied, researched and realized a full range of submersible motors from 4" to 10" and submersible electropumps from 4" to 12" both available in different materials for your water supply system for any kind of employment. We can help you from general irrigation to drinking water, from civil and industrial application to firefighting systems and in general, where is necessary throw again and supply water. Also the accessories have been properly selected, because it has been proved that 95% of the problems had with the installation of pumps are due to the lack of adequate accessories. The accessories F.B. recommends, such as control panels, power supply cables, submersible junctions and materials for the support of the pumps, are chosen in order to give you higher confidence and reliability.



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