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The season has begun… make sure of your irrigation system with F.B. Submersible Motors products!

The season has begun… make sure of your irrigation system with F.B. Submersible Motors products!

6 Jun 2018

The sun shines and the temperatures starting to raise, it’s time for irrigation: it’s essential to have an adequate irrigation system to provide water to the plants.

Very important drought event and rain shortage, occurred during last summer, letting us understand the importance of being equipped with smart solutions that prevent the lack of water.

Be equipped with proper and reliable irrigation tools, it’s the ideal solution to avoid being in the middle of the season with a non-functioning plant, for this reason, through the agriculture section of this web site, you can choose from a wide variety of products dedicated to the irrigation of areas of various sizes.

A wide range of submersible electropumps is suitable also for the most demanding working environments and by a complete series of water filled, oil filled or canned rewindable submersible motors, with rated power from 0.5 HP up to 260 HP, available on stock to be delivered quickly.

F.B. company it’s not only about submersible motors and pumps, the complete range of adequate accessories is available for fast delivery too.

Control panel, power supply cables, level probes and floats, capacitors, pressure switch, pressure tanks, cooling sleeves, pressure gauges, digital indicating controller and so on.

Thanks to F.B. Submersible Motors is therefore possible to create your own irrigation system from scratch or to maintain its own knowing that it can solve any inefficiency or malfunction in a very short time, guaranteeing a quality harvest and a serene summer period.

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