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It is decided, for the first time F.B. Submersible Motors will participate in GEOFLUID 2018!

2 Sep 2018

There is still a few days left to GEOFLUID, the international event dedicated to the extraction and transport of water from the subsoil.


The exhibition, which will take place from October 3rd to 6th at Piacenza Expo, will see the participation of companies specialized in research, extraction, transportation of underground fluids, geotechnical, geognostic and geothermal drilling, foundations special, piling, consolidation, "trenchless" technologies and the construction of tunnels and underground works.

F.B. Submersible Motors could not miss this edition, to show you all its products, accessories and services designed for water extraction.
It is not enough to choose the specific pump for your system: it is also necessary to combine the right accessories to make the system work well and for a long time. It has been statistically proved that 95% of the problems encountered with the installation of submersible pumps are due to the lack of suitable components!

The accessories that F.B. Submersible Motors recommends, such as electrical panels, cables, junctions, pressure tanks and material for the support of the pump seem simple and obvious components, but in reality they go anything but underestimated, because able to ensure maximum safety and durability.

The electric pumps treated and proposed by F.B. are suitable for different areas of application, such as:

AGRICULTURE: semi-axial submersible pumps in cast iron and AISI 304 stainless steel for the irrigation of, for example, crops and vineyards. Characterized by the right combination of quality and price, their ease of installation allows you a long period of use without maintenance.

INDUSTRY: our offer for the industry includes submersible pumps in stainless steel AISI 316, Duplex AISI 904 melting or molded for the use of water with continuous service, at significant pressures, perhaps with brackish water, contaminated or too much hot!

CIVIL: 4” submersible pumps to irrigate the garden or to meet the need of water in your home.

WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM: with our pumps we propose the right combination of quality and efficiency in your pumping system, guaranteeing you the combination of the most suitable materials for your needs for maximum efficiency.

Are you curious to discover the wide range of electric pumps offered by F.B. Submersible Motors?
We are waiting for you at Geofluid, from 3rd to 6th October, Hall 2, Stand 33!



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